Retired LEGO Comp + 125 instant wins #4

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Competition closes in:

£1.59Per Entry

This competition has now closed. Good luck!

Please note that these are UNOPENED complete sets from retired old LEGO products!

Get a chance of winning a LEGO Star Wars 75252 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer OR LEGO Star Wars 75159 UCS Death Star PLUS 125 instant Wins!

This competition has a maximum of 9,000 tickets and is available in the UK only, entries will cost 99p per ticket with a maximum of 500 tickets per person.

The main prize of this competition and what will be drawn during the live draw is for a LEGO Star Wars 75252 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer OR LEGO Star Wars 75159 UCS Death Star. However, when you purchase a ticket, you could automatically win one of these 125 prizes:

Instant Win Ticket Number Winner
LEGO Star Wars 75277 Boba Fett Helmet 4856
LEGO Star Wars 75276 Stormtrooper 672
LEGO Star Wars 75275 UCS A-Wing Starfighter 5941
LEGO LOTR 79016 Attack on Lake-Town 2443
£10 Store Credit 2406
£10 Store Credit 1834
£10 Store Credit 2217
£10 Store Credit 5724
£10 Store Credit 5085
£5 Store Credit 2205
£5 Store Credit 4108
£5 Store Credit 4285
£5 Store Credit 416
£5 Store Credit 3243
£5 Store Credit 675
£5 Store Credit 3104
£5 Store Credit 803
£5 Store Credit 4619
£3 Store Credit 3052
£3 Store Credit 511
£3 Store Credit 1593
£3 Store Credit 938
£3 Store Credit 403
£3 Store Credit 2448
£3 Store Credit 249
£3 Store Credit 3510
£3 Store Credit 946
£1 Store Credit 4666
£1 Store Credit 2364
£1 Store Credit 5381
£1 Store Credit 3154
£1 Store Credit 1796
£1 Store Credit 5489
£1 Store Credit 4392
£1 Store Credit 1133
£1 Store Credit 1505
£1 Store Credit 2287
£1 Store Credit 282
£1 Store Credit 2673
£1 Store Credit 3600
£1 Store Credit 173
£1 Store Credit 1154
£1 Store Credit 3860
£1 Store Credit 3188
£1 Store Credit 968
£1 Store Credit 1786
£1 Store Credit 4328
£1 Store Credit 2102
£1 Store Credit 5812
£1 Store Credit 2488
£1 Store Credit 2950
LEGO Star Wars 75277 Boba Fett Helmet 329 Steve Shelley
LEGO Star Wars 75277 Boba Fett Helmet 4032 Beau Venencia
LEGO Star Wars 95305 Scout Trooper Helmet 478 Alex Richardson
LEGO Star Wars 95305 Scout Trooper Helmet 5186 Sarah Hart
LEGO Star Wars 95305 Scout Trooper Helmet 2442 Stephen Wingrove
LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village 5986 Morgan Rees
LEGO LOTR 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush 4027 James Baker
LEGO 75187 Star Wars BB-8 5734 Mark Clements
LEGO Star Wars 75274 Tie Fighter Helmet 4774 Alistair Simpson
LEGO 71042 Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary 2306 Craig Alexander
PLUS LEGO Star Wars 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter 5161 William Hopkins
£10 Store Credit 3050Amy Booth
£10 Store Credit 5336Stuart Cresswell
£10 Store Credit 4642Nick Mullans
£10 Store Credit 3391Graham Parker
£10 Store Credit 1703William Hopkins
£10 Store Credit 137Samuel Mcronald
£10 Store Credit 3683Maxim Kersey
£10 Store Credit 2726Josh Price
£10 Store Credit 5669Chris Taylor
£10 Store Credit 5608Mark Clements
£10 Store Credit 3811Jason Wallace
£10 Store Credit 3025Stephen Wingrove
£10 Store Credit 4826Maxim Kersey
£10 Store Credit 4162Graham Parker
£10 Store Credit 2553Isobel Stewart
£10 Store Credit 3760Millie Marriott
£5 Store Credit 3904Conor Gribbin
£5 Store Credit 4348Daniel Beresford
£5 Store Credit 4337Darren Thomson
£5 Store Credit 2240Craig Alexander
£5 Store Credit 2410Adam Purdy
£5 Store Credit 3693Yitzchok Benson
£5 Store Credit 3359Neil Anderson
£5 Store Credit 5248Alistair Simpson
£5 Store Credit 2237Conner Tomlinson
£5 Store Credit 987Sarah Hart
£5 Store Credit 5171Lucy Hitie
£5 Store Credit 5121Tommy Sweeten
£5 Store Credit 2189Colin James
£3 Store Credit 5611Jason Wallace
£3 Store Credit 3702Lee Revell
£3 Store Credit 1216Sarah Briggs
£3 Store Credit 3116Michael Evans
£3 Store Credit 5233Garbhan Harrison
£3 Store Credit 4850Tim Doyle-Davidson
£3 Store Credit 1676Andy Pitcher
£3 Store Credit 3507Tim Doyle-Davidson
£3 Store Credit 4943Dean Booker
£3 Store Credit 1947Joseph Williams
£3 Store Credit 2558Jaime Holden
£3 Store Credit 5536Garbhan Harrison
£3 Store Credit 5263Elena Martin
£3 Store Credit 5550Dylan Jones
£3 Store Credit 757Alan Brown
£1 Store Credit 3553Daniel Beresford
£1 Store Credit 5467William Bird
£1 Store Credit 5047Scott MacEwan
£1 Store Credit 3540Phil Cartwright
£1 Store Credit 3207Daisy Betteridge
£1 Store Credit 1028Sarah Hart
£1 Store Credit 649Maxim Kersey
£1 Store Credit 4661George Longstaff
£1 Store Credit 3844Sophie Lee
£1 Store Credit 4853Conor Gribbin
£1 Store Credit 4813Max Gleaves
£1 Store Credit 4765Anna Bassett
£1 Store Credit 2086Tim Doyle-Davidson
£1 Store Credit 982Maxim Kersey
£1 Store Credit 393Matthew Wight
£1 Store Credit 801Rosie Baker
£1 Store Credit 4091Andrei Micu
£1 Store Credit 3665Adam Purdy
£1 Store Credit 807Jason Wallace

This competition is guaranteed to be drawn, whether we sell out or not and those lucky enough to win from an instant win ticket will be contacted by us throughout the duration of this competition. Remember, even if you win an instant win, you still have a chance of winning the main prize.

Main Prize Draw

The main prize is a LEGO Star Wars 75252 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer OR LEGO Star Wars 75159 UCS Death Star.

How do our instant win competitions work?

Instant wins give you extra chances to win on top of the main prize draw. They’re available until the main prize draw closes and can be won at any time, from the first ticket until the last. If your ticket number matches the randomly generated number next to an instant win prize, in the table below, then you win, instantly!

Our instant wins are completely automated and you’ll be emailed instantly should you win a prize. Store credit wins are added to your account instantly. If you’re lucky enough to win a physical prize please ensure you are replying to our official email address, [email protected]. If you have not received your instant win email please notify us straight away, once you’ve emailed us with your details please allow 48 hours or after the weekend before emailing, and we will get back to you asap!


This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over.
You can enter this competition up to 500 times.

This competition will close at 8:15 pm on November 29, 2023.

The live draw for this competition will be at 8:15 pm on November 29, 2023. You can watch the live draw of this competition on our Facebook page.

To enter for free, please see our terms & conditions.

Your ticket numbers are selected at random and appear on your order confirmation once you have entered the competition.

By entering our competitions, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms & conditions.

To stay up to date with the latest competitions, live draws, winners and more please like our Facebook Page.

How many times can I enter this competition?

You can enter this competition up to 500 times.

How do I get my ticket number(s)?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the My Account area.

How is the winner selected?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winning ticket number. You’ll be contacted directly if you have won.

How will the winner be announced?

The winner will be selected and announced during our Facebook live draw. After the live draw finishes, within 12 hours we will announce the winner across all social media channels as well as updating our website with the winner’s details. As well as this, our E-mail newsletter will announce all of the winners from the latest live draw. We will contact the winner directly via E-mail and Telephone.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

How will the winner receive the prize?

We will contact the winner and organise delivery directly with them, we typically use ParcelForce24 courier service with tracking to ensure the product arrives efficiently.

Is there a cash alternative?

At our discretion we may offer the winner a cash alternative at a like for like value of the prize they won.

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