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Gaming Giveaways is part of By Gamers For Gamers, a company which was co-founded by Will Blears, the original founder of Gaming Giveaways.

Gaming Giveaways primary goal is to make previously unobtainable Consoles, LEGO and gaming products and hundreds of other prizes more obtainable for everyone through competitions. We’ve had £6000 4090 Watercooled PC winners who have spent as little as £10. £2,500 Cash winner who have spent £1.99. Our aim is to try and make everyone win something and do so in the most fun and exciting way possible!

Launched in April 2020, we’re determined to create as many winners as possible this year and can’t wait to see all of our prizes in the hands of our lucky winners.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our live competitions and don’t forget to enter our weekly free giveaways as well!

If you want to get in touch with us, shoot us a message via our Facebook page, Instagram or Discord or via our contact page.

Who runs Gaming Giveaways?

In May 2022, By Gamers For Gamers, a company which Will Blears (owner of Gaming Giveaways) co-founded acquired Gaming Giveaways and this now sits under the By Gamers For Gamers umbrella organisation. This not only gives us a greater ability to offer you all more incredible prizes and free giveaways but also has allowed us to grow the team beyond just Will. We now have Robbie, Melissa, Abbi and Izaak all working at Gaming Giveaways making your experience as positive as possible.

What is our mission?

Honestly, to have fun. That’s why our odds are so much better than the our competitors and why we offer up free giveaways. The aim isn’t to make a load of cash, it’s really to be able to grow this into something whereby gamer’s can come and enter our free giveaways every day of the week and maybe win something cool. And, if you have the cash to enter some paid competitions somewhere where you can improve your chances to win at an affordable and fair price.

For those who think GGUK is a scam or is just about profit:

We strive to ensure that our legitimacy is unquestioned. However, we understand the industry we’re in and there’s always red flags around legitimacy. That’s another reason we joined BGFG, to improve our legitimacy with a large business with over 50 employees backing us. We also consistently welcome TrustPilot Reviews which gives an independent place for you to see how legitimate we are. Alternatively you can enter our free giveaways to give us a test drive or join our social media channels ( Facebook page, Instagram or Discord )to check us out for a while before you commit to entering any competitions.

We also will never send on our offer any of your details to third parties. These are strictly held in our website with very strict access on who can see them.

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