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Gaming Giveaways is now part of By Gamers For Gamers, a company which was co-founded by Will Blears, the original founder of Gaming Giveaways.

Gaming Giveaways is here to put smiles on people’s faces by providing fantastic competitions which give you a chance of winning some beastly gaming and tech related prizes at a fraction of the cost.

Launched in April 2020, we’re determined to create as many winners as possible this year and can’t wait to see all of our prizes in the hands of our lucky winners.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our live competitions and don’t forget to enter our weekly free giveaways as well!

If you want to get in touch with us, shoot us a message via our Facebook page here or via our contact page.

Who runs Gaming Giveaways?

In May 2022, By Gamers For Gamers, a company which Will Blears (owner of Gaming Giveaways) co-founded acquired Gaming Giveaways and this now sits under the By Gamers For Gamers umbrella organisation. What this means is, in the months to come, we will be offering significantly more giveaways, better prizes, better odds and an overall better user experience for all of our customers. Watch this space!

What is our mission?

Honestly, to have fun. The aim isn’t to make a load of cash, it’s really to be able to grow this into something whereby gamer’s can come and enter our free giveaways every day of the week and maybe win something cool. And, somewhere you can come and enter one of our paid competitions at an affordable price and have a really good chance of winning one of the cool prizes we have on offer.

For those who think GGUK is a scam or is just about profit…

As mentioned earlier, the founder of this business already runs a successful gaming business, this is all about having fun. Which is why all the revenue Gaming Giveaways generates is being invested right back into the prizes and associated costs with running and growing the website.

For those that are curious, the associated costs with running this are significant, to name a few Facebook advertising, payment gateways and many more.

We’re not trying to scam you, steal your monies or get rich quick  – we are reinvesting everything with the end goal to be daily free giveaways and weekly paid competitions which offer very affordable ticket prices and very good odds of winning.

Gaming Giveaways

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Gaming Giveaways

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